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The answers to the most common questions.

All the questions before to use ShopWindow

Can I use it from any social network? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ...?

Yes! You can share your products on your social networks and start using the networks as a real online stores. You can also communicate with your buyers using your favorite method by configuring messages to send in each phase of the purchase process (Ready, Sent, Servicing...).

How can I create my product catalogues?

You can create catalogues containing your products on the Catalogue section. You can configure practically everything about them. Once the product is configured, just add its link anywhere in your social apps... And just start selling!


How much does it cost?

The monthly price of your ShopWindow account is $29.99/month, but there will be monthly promotions where you can get it as much as 50% off.


Can I try it for free?

Yup! You can configure your store to test it at no cost. You can configure shipments and cash on delivery payments, and you can convert all the social networks you want into a store! And if you feel comfortable with the tool, you'll fall in love with the paid version! :)

What if I already have another online store?

You can import your products with just a few clicks! You just have to go to the Account / Account tab, connect your store and that's it!

About the shipping costs: how are they managed?

You configure the costs and shipping methods you want to offer, and the customer is charged your established price. 


What if I want my clients to be able to pay by credit card?

They can do it! They can pay by card, Paypal and other providers. This is a paid feature, so you will need to have a Plus + account.


Can I sell products to other countries?

Affirmative! You can configure shipping methods and sales to any part of the world by configuring your terms and conditions and your billing information, shipping methods, etc.

Regarding my terms and conditions, will my users be able to read them from ShopWindow

Absolutely! You can attach them to your account to apply them to your products from ShopWindow, and if you don't have them we will generate them for you for free! :)

Will SMS notifications to my clients cost me money?

Absolutely not! This service is included when contracting the payment method of our tool. Your customers will receive notifications via SMS to be informed instantly of the product purchase process!

You can also customize it, to send them a little message with emoticons to make their day!


Will I be able to easily keep track of my sales? Where can I check them?

Tracking your sales has never been simpler: from the Orders tab, you will have all the information regarding sales, such as date, product, buyer data, as well as notification options for each order, so you can take care of your customers in a simple way in each phase of the purchase process.

Can the look and feel of my store be customized?

Definitely! You can customize the catalog with the style of your brand with a few clicks. This is a paid feature, so you will need to have a Plus + account! ;)

You can modify the background color, the border of your business logo, the type of font with which the title is displayed ...


¿How are managed the shipments of my products? ¿Does ShopWindow handdle it too?

Almost! ShopWindow will allow you to choose your own shipping methods, so you have full control about the shipping costs of your products. We will give you a list of suggestions to manage then, to make it even easier for you ;)

How exactly does ShopWindow help me? Can I see a demo?

Selling on the social media is a trend that is growing up, in the same way that selling by online was 20 years ago: today everyone buys online, but at first it took time for people to cheer up.

ShopWindow helps you have this sales channel ready, and it manages all communication with your customers, management of your orders, and control of your product's stock with messages and notices: you will save a lot of time of management and organization if what you want is to invest time in what is important: sell !

For example, in the video below we show how "magic links" work, a link to your product that automatically triggers a sales conversation. Advantage:

  • The customer does not have to do anything special to let everything to happen.
  • The conversation begins with a focus on the specific article the customer clicked on.
  • The seller already has context about what the customer may want to know.
  • The checkout proccess is infinitely faster than a traditional virtual store.

See it in action: https://youtu.be/ZZqd-3izXnc

Why ShopWindow over Facebook Shops?

  • ShopWindow works on any social app (TikTok, Twitter, Telegram, Youtube, Snapchat...) not just Facebook Universe (FB, IG, WA).
  • ShopWindow works with any payment method globally, Facebook doesn't.
  • ShopWindow supports appointment based business: sell 30 minutes consultation with a personal trainer, 1 hour language coaching... Facebook doesn't.
  • ShopWindow is friendly for non-techies: if you can post a selfie, you can use ShopWindow. Facebook setup interfaces are... Let's just say cumbersome.
  • ShopWindow helps selling over direct message (chat) super smoothly, Facebook doesn't cover this.
  • ShopWindow has sharing buttons enabled by default (in and out Facebook apps), meaning free promotion and exposure. Facebook charges you for promotion.
  • You can give your catalogues that personal touch to easily stand out, customizing your catalogue's look and feel, so you are not just another Facebook page.
  • Our checkout flow is optimized and works regardless your device, region and payment settings. Facebook's doesn't.
  • Our policies are more permisive than Facebook's (e.g.: you can sell digital products Facebook disallows that).
  • ...

On a deeper level if you care about these aspects: it's under your control, not Facebook's (getting banned, account locked out of the blue after you investing all the work for getting things going). You are our customer and we will take care of everything working for your business, good luck calling Facebook asking for support or asking them for some feature you are missing...

To make a long story short, we aim to be a serious, fully-fledged solution for the specific use case of selling within social apps, allowing people and businesses to sell right there in a professional manner, not needing any technical expertise, help from 3rd parties and keeping people's business under their control, not under Facebook's.

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